Monday, August 13, 2007

Tired of packing

You'd think I'd be a packing expert by now. This will be my fourth move since college and I've only been out 3 years. I should have this down to an efficient science that takes 8 or less hours.

But no. I spent a good portion of the weekend packing and I'm not done. I thought I had gotten rid of a ton of crap but I still have an awful lot. My moving estimate calls for 1855 lbs. of stuff. At first I thought that was a gross overestimate. Now I wonder if it's high enough.

So far, I've packed 6 boxes all the way and 3 partial boxes. My moving estimate calls for 15 total boxes, which I'm going to go over. I'm not even halfway packed. Since I don't want the movers to have to deal with loose crap, I'm packing everything. So that means my hangers took up 1.5 boxes, my shoes took up 2 boxes (and counting), my files took up .75 of a box, and my extra blankets took up .75 a box. Don't even ask about my clothing - could you imagine if I had kept everything?

I spent all day Saturday trying to organize my items by type - fragile, office, clothing, books, etc. and then starting to pack. I also made a run up to my parents' to drop of the stuff I don't want to get rid of but don't have room for. On Sunday I drove over an hour to Plato's Closet to sell some of my clothing. They took 13 items and I only made $50, but it was worth it. Plus, I-95 was backed up for 10 miles on the way home so my SUV and I got to work the back roads from New Haven and spend some quality time together. I'm gonna miss driving.

My kitchen stuff is in its original boxes and it will stay there. I have some loose kitchen stuff to pack. So that's another 4-5 boxes. Clothing is packed except for what I'm wearing this week and the stuff in my dresser, which I don't have to pack. Computer accessories have to be packed, office stuff has to be packed, electronics have to be packed, and random looseness. I think I'm looking at another 6-7 boxes for that stuff. So altogether, maybe another 12 boxes. Not too bad. The moving company told me they overestimated the weight some. I hope so.

All this moving has also made me unmotivated. I could have the movers pack for me, but I can't afford that. I just want to be at my new apartment with everything magically moved in. I'm working on making that happen.

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