Thursday, August 23, 2007

Stuck inside

I have an awesome backyard that I haven't been able to enjoy yet. Why? Because I'm still inside, stuck unpacking. As predicted I brought way too much stuff to my wonderful starter apartment. I mentioned this to my best friend, who mentioned in turn that she was considering getting a storage space and did I want to share to split the cost? Hells yes! I love how things have a way of working out.

Other things are not working out as well - my car for instance. It's been for sale for nearly a month with only two nibbles. The day before I moved, I took Hunk to a dealership in the hopes of selling it back. But they wouldn't buy because I financed the SUV and I'm still paying it off. Bummer. They gave me some recommendations - list on (done, as well as, post on Craigslist (like they even had to suggest that to me) and consider dropping my price. With a sigh, I went home and did just that, cutting the price by $1000. I know these things take time but the thought of making a car payment in addition to my rent is daunting. As each day goes by I'm more stressed about this. I hope the car sells soon.

Work has been tough because of the car stress and also unpacking stress. I make a task list at work of the things I want to finish at night. More time is great but I've spending a lot of that extra time on the phone catching up with friends. My own fault. I finally cut the shelf down enough to get it installed in my closet. Next on the assembly line was the space saver.

A space saver is a cabinet or shelf that goes over your toilet. I say this because my boyfriend has no idea what the hell I was talking about when I told him about it. Assembly time. I opened the box and took out all the parts. I'd learned my lesson in college with assembly furniture - read the directions. By step 3 I was already screwed. Two support pieces were missing. I was mad for about 10 minutes, figuring I was stuck. Further consideration showed I could still put the rest together and evaluate post-assembly.

A half hour later the space saver was assembled. The doors do not quite line up at the top, but I can fix that with my drill. What should I expect for $45? The missing support pieces would have added stability but the piece came together without them. I called the 800-number on the instruction manual and ordered the missing pieces (they were free as they should be). Then I put the space saver in my bathroom. It was tight and I had to take off the bottom support bar to maneuver it around the water shutoff. Once in, it was wobbly from the missing pieces but looked great!

I'm probably a bit too excited. Like my shower curtain? It's actually a light blue. And the rod I had to buy for it? Fell on my head three times while I tried to expand it to the right size. All worth it though. Next to buy: a bamboo shade for my window so I can have some privacy, and shelves for under my bed so I can finally set it up. I've unpacked about 10 boxes and set aside 5 to store when my friend and I get a storage unit. My apartment is a bit of a mess. But a good mess.

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