Thursday, August 16, 2007

I am way too forgiving

Come Tuesday (Aug. 14), I still hadn't heard from my Super Unbelievable - I was moving in four days but no contact, no keys, no nothing.

I ignored the problem for two days but by Thursday it still hadn't magically solved itself. I called my broker in a tizzy. She was as shocked as I was. I told her I needed to have the keys that afternoon since I wanted to start moving stuff the next day. She said she would make sure the landlord called me.

Four stressful hours later, she called me back, said hold on, and put the Super on. The following paraphrased convo took place.

Super - I'm sorry I haven't called. Here's why - the apartment's not ready. And I didn't want to disappoint you. So I haven't called.
Me (internally) - Fucking hell.
Me (speaking now) - So what's left to do?
Super - Well ConEd hasn't turned on the gas line yet. So you can't use the range.
Me (internally) - Oh, well that's not the hugest deal.
Me (speaking now) - Oh, well that's not the hugest deal. The bathroom is done?
Super - Yes.
Me - And the kitchen is done, besides the gas?
Super - Yes. But the fridge opens the wrong way and your microwave isn't up yet. Also your air conditioner enclosure is not right...(lists other items)
Me - That sounds like a lot. Maybe it's best if I wait until September 1 to move in.
Super - No, no. The place is livable. You should still move in this weekend.
Me - Um, ok.

The broker came back on and told me to come pick up the keys. I have to admit, I was a bit overwhelmed. I was used to Connecticut and Colorado apartment moves where everything is, you know, ready when you move in. But my friends later assured me that this kind of stuff is normal for an NYC move and in fact I got off pretty easy. Wow. As one friend put it - 'the lease is signed, you've all got your paperwork, and the broker has gone above and beyond what NYC brokers usually do. You're pretty lucky.'

So I went to the apartment and got my keys, which helped to ease my mind some. The bathroom was in fact done (no shower curtain rod though, annoying). I had gone out and bought a window air conditioner but one was already installed and would stay. $200 back in my pocket, nice. The Super laughed when I asked if it stayed. 'Maybe things are different in Connecticut' she said, which bothered me to no end even if it was true. She also said the locks would be changed but after I moved in.

In the kitchen, the microwave was sitting on a piece of plywood on top of my stove. Here was the deal: they installed a new gasline during renovations, and ConEd hadn't approved it yet. Also, the microwave the Super bought was the wrong hight for the cabinet, so they needed to buy a new shorter cabinet. Since I wasn't planning on cooking much I could live with it. At least I had the microwave. Also, she showed me how the fridge door opened the wrong way - towards the back door instead of towards the kitchen doorway. She had two fridges sitting out in the living area that didn't fit, as well as another microwave. We agreed that I would hold off on moving stuff in until Saturday so she could get the place cleaned.

Not perfect, but I didn't want to wait to move in. Yes, that's my tiny but wonderful kitchen above. And that door goes to my backyard. In fact, every time some stress came up I just kept saying 'backyard' to myself over and over. It seemed to work.

Even with all that, the place looked great. I could not wait to move in. I was willing to forgive the Super as long as she is super attentive to me now (ha, I made a funny). I'm sure that will come back to bite me in the ass. But right now all I can think about is being a New Yorker.

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