Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Little things

On Monday morning I woke up smelly and tired. I went into my bathroom to hang up my shower curtain and take a shower - only there was no curtain rod. What the eff? I can't believe I hadn't noticed that earlier. I had to shower very carefully, and I put down a towel to make sure the floor didn't soak.

At work I celebrated the move with my coworkers and answered the same questions over and over happily. I am truly excited to be here. My commute was great - 15 minutes on the 6 train and 5 minutes of walking. Versus 1 hour 15 minutes on Metro North and 10 minutes on the 6 and 10 minutes walking, this wins every time.

In my kitchen unpacking Sunday, I'd discovered that I had no drawers. Only cabinets. When I'd seen the apartment the kitchen was empty and somehow the thought of no drawers had never occurred to me. Also no counters had never occurred to me, but I didn't have those either. But I digress. I'd have to buy a couple of drawers to put under the sink with a utensil holder.

During lunch I scrambled back to my apartment (subways run less frequently during off-peak hours) to meet the locksmith by 12:30. He had some serious trouble adding the deadbolt to the backyard door. It should have taken 15 minutes max. Before I knew it, it was 1, then 1:30. Finally, I told him that even if he wasn't done I had to leave. I felt horrible because he was all sweaty and obviously working hard, but I'd already taken enough leaves of hours from work. He dragged it out 15 more minutes and finally got the damn thing. Again, my work was super understanding.

After work it was back to Bed Bath & Beyond for a shower curtain and a bath mat. In the bath section I checked out the space savers. My bathroom is tiny but workable. No room for a shelf unit though, so a space saver would be great. But the ones they had were kind of expensive and none of them really matched my vanity. Then I went to the Container Store and marveled at the cool shit they had. I bought two sets of drawers for under-cabinet organization and a cool kitchen sponge-brush thing. Even on sale, everything was expensive. I know this will be a trend in New York City. I'm bitching about it nonetheless.

My bag was huge, plus my earlier swag, so I caught a cab home. Another $14 gone, and I tipped ridiculously high. I checked online, where I found a nice space saver on sale on Linens N Things' site for $45. I ordered it right away.

I unpacked some more on Monday night and was disappointed that the movers didn't call to schedule fixing my TV stand. It was kind of holding me up and I am impatient. I slept on my sofa bed again. My guess is it will be at least a week before I have enough room to set up my mattress.

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