Friday, August 3, 2007

My rent is how much?

Monday night had some annoyances - I called the broker to ask a few questions but her cell phone dropped me and she never called back. I called a couple of times but didn't leave a message. Oy, brokers. I mean, these weren't little questions, these were the things my giddyness had blinded me to:

- Does the apartment have an air conditioner?
- Does the building have laundry?
- When is my rent due (15th or 1st)?
- Will the kitchen remodel include a dishwasher?
- What, if any, utilities are included with the rent?
- Is there storage in the basement?

Granted, I really should have asked these questions when I first saw the place. That was pretty dumb of me. But I wanted answers before I signed the lease. With the questions spinning in my head, I spent Tuesday morning's train ride to work waffling a bit more, but by the time I rolled into Grand Central my mind was made up. If I tried to find another apartment, I would compare everything to this one. I looked at my list to help my point:

- newer kitchen with tall fridge
- bathroom with tub, no industrial toilets (meaning no toilets with metal flushers instead of tanks - why the hell do people put those in apartments anyway??!?)
- at least one closet
- elevator if above 2nd floor
- laundry

- 1BR
- doorman
- nice view
- high floor
- dishwasher
- location

So I was only compromising on one need - laundry, which wasn't a huge deal because laundry in the basement is pretty much like going to a laundromat anyway. And I didn't have a great view, but I have a private backyard. And the dishwasher is a question mark - more on that below. And space, well there is none. But overall the place is great, the building is great, and I would be happy.

I went to Wachovia to get the cashier's check. My sister was headed to town on Thursday with the other cashier's check and to co-sign the lease. I was paying one month of security, and my sister was lending me the other half plus the broker's fee...I owe her big time. Then to work. At last, knowing I had a place meant I could really throw myself back into work which was nice. They have been so great about letting me leave throughout the day, I owe them big time as well. Even though they haven't asked me to make up any of the time, I will.

Just before lunch the broker called - the name she gave me for the cashier's check was wrong. You have to be kidding, I said. I already got the damn thing. I know, she replied, but you need to get it fixed. Argh. At least she answered most my questions - no A/C, no laundry but there a laundromat on the block, heat/hot water included in rent (standard and a big relief) and for the dishwasher, she had to ask the landlord if she was buying one for the kitchen. Which probably means no. I'm sure she never asked about dropping the rent either. Even so, I went back to the bank on my lunch break and luckily they recut the check for me, though one of the clerks called it suspicious. I agree - what the hell. But I digress.

At 4, our appointed time, I went to the realty group to sign the lease. I found out my broker would not make it down. I was not surprised. But to her credit, she convinced the landlord to take two cashier's checks - mine on Tuesday with first month's rent, and my sister's later in the week with the rest of the security and the broker's fee. So even though I didn't know whether the place had a dishwasher, I signed the lease. And I knew it was right, because right after I signed, I felt great. My broker did end up making it back, so we chatted a bit and she told me she'd see what she could do about the dishwasher again. I hope it works out in my favor. We set up a time to meet at the apartment the next day so I could measure and just to see it again.

I can't wait to move in - the apartment itself is awesome. It was just clearing all these pre-move hurdles that was killing me.

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