Friday, August 31, 2007

Con-Ed woes continue

It's Friday and I still have no gas. Again. It's also a good possibility that it'll be the same story next Friday. On Monday, my Super contacted me and told me I had to call Con-Ed to get the electric bill put in my name. She seemed shocked that I hadn't done it yet. I told her I was waiting for the gas to get turned on. She told me they wouldn't turn it on until they had a name for the account. Fine. Whatever. Bureaucratic red tape is nothing new to me. We made arrangements to talk again on Tuesday. I called Con-Ed, waited through a 30 minute hold and finally got the bill in my name. I gave them the Super's name and phone number to set up an appointment to turn on the gas. I called my Super back to let her know Con-Ed would be calling.

Monday night I hear nothing.
Tuesday I hear nothing.
Wednesday I hear nothing and start freaking out.

I want gas. I want to cook. I can't afford to keep eating out or buying microwavable dinners that taste like plastic. I want to cook pasta on the stove top. I want to bake pizza in the oven. I want to sauté and broil and all those good things. More annoying, my Super said she would call me back and hadn't.

On Thursday at work I was livid. No gas, no word, no nothing. I called the Super again as I had been every day but her cell phone mailbox was full. Probably from messages from me. I tried her at work but there was no answer and no voicemail. I realize that three days is nothing but it's been two weeks now and my microwave is still sitting on top of my stovetop and I am sick of it! I considered calling 311 for advice but in reality I knew the situation wasn't that bad yet.

I decided to call my broker. I have to give her props - she was incredibly helpful. I initiallly asked for another contact at the building management company but that was not available. So she tried calling the Super with the same result. Actually, I found out that the woman isn't actually the Super, she works for the management company. Even better! (sarcasm there) I'll refer to her as the not-Super from now on. With no answer, she offered to drop by the neighborhood on Friday (today) and get someone to get in touch with my not-Super. Anything.

Today my not-Super called me back. No "I'm sorry I disappeared." Notta. You may recall the situation before I moved in - she didn't want to call me because the place was not ready. I should have known it would happen again. So I took the opportunity to ask her every little question I had - who changes the name on the door buzzer, what do I do with the boxes from my shelves, what the heck is going on with the gas, who can I call when I can't reach you? She had to talk to people about all the questions. Con-Ed is coming next Thursday to check on the apartment across the hall's gas line so she's going to try to get mine done at the same time. Not exactly confidence-inspiring but it would have to work.

I was about to say I didn't feel comfortable paying rent until the situation was resolved but she beat me to the punch - thank God. That lets me know that she has my best interest in mind. I truly appreciated that. This has just been so frustrating, especially not being able to get in contact with her. I'm not even a tenant who usually bugs. I feel like this all should have been taken care of before I moved in. Let's hope this ends soon.

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