Friday, August 3, 2007

Check the tape

With the lease signed (by me at least), the next item on my list was finding out just how big the place is so I can figure out what fits, what has to be sold, and to start calling moving services.

I set up a 9:30 AM viewing time with the broker. I figured that since she lived in the area it wouldn't be a big deal. I'd originally said 9 but my train is never on time, so of course my train got in early that day and I made up to the apartment by 9 easily. I'd already eaten breakfast and I was feeling kind of antsy, so I called her to see if she could come meet me early but she did not pick up.

I used the extra time to watch the cuties walking by, and liked the area more by the minute. But I had to get to work. By 9:45 I was freaking out because I was already pushing it to make it to by 10. I waited a couple more minutes, and then left. I called the broker to apologize and asked her to call me to reschedule. What a pain in the butt.

While I was on the subway the broker left me a message. I listened at work. She was mad that I wasn't there when she made it - 25 minutes late. Whatever. She obviously hadn't listened to my messages. I called her back and apologized again even though it wasn't my fault, because I didn't want our relationship going sour at this crucial juncture. How annoying though. Later on she called me back and was apologetic too, begging off on account of a bad morning. I hope that's the end of the melodrama.

After work we met up at the apartment, which was just as nice as I remembered it, and unfortunately just as small. It turned out the place was 200 SQ feet - so just a bit bigger than the Tudor City place, but it seemed so much bigger with a separate kitchen and of course the outside space added another 100 or so SQ feet. The bathroom was going to be a challenge. I knew it was tiny but seeing it again made me realize just how tiny. I'd hoped to buy a space saver and a storage shelf set but there was probably not going to be room. And it was fully tiled so I wasn't going to be able to install a towel rack without permission from the landlord and help from the super. But it was NEW and it was wonderful. Happy sigh.

I had my camera with me but forgot to take pictures. I also forgot the measure the window for a dowel. Oh well. When I got home, I made a scaled model of my apartment in Photoshop and started placing my furniture. I don't want the place to be cluttered but it looks like I'll be able to fit a bunch - I'll have to sell my desk; all of my bookcases so I can buy taller ones; my bedframe and one of my guitars - without closing the space too much.

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