Monday, October 22, 2007

Sleeping the weekend away

Man, what a waste this past weekend was. My plans were so aspirational! Dance class Saturday morning; a city photography trip on Saturday afternoon/night; a date Saturday late night; gym Sunday morning; Giants game Sunday afternoon; work prep Sunday night. How many of those things did I get done? Barely any.

Friday night started off with promise. After work I went to Borough Food & Drink for dinner with 2 friends. We had been there once before for lunch with a large group from work. Everyone else had gotten the Borough BLT and I was dying to try it, so I was disappointed when it wasn't on the menu. I'm not sure if it's just a lunch item, though the waiter mentioned they'd retooled the menu. Instead, I got a $16 was yummy.

Their thing is that every dish is inspired by one of the 5 boroughs, and their drinks are locally brewed. I had the Crop Circle beer, which was pretty good. My friend T got the beer sampler and D tried the IPA. Boys. The Reuben got great reviews from both of them. My favorite part of the place is the decor. Our service was OK, but I'll give our man props for leaving us along for about an hour after we'd been served. We didn't feel rushed, which was nice. There is outside seating but it was too humid.

After dinner we planned on heading to Slate to shoot some pool, but we ended up at some dive on 21st St in between Broadway and 5th instead. I was OK with that. We drank a bunch and I somehow got better the more drunk I got. A fourth friend joined in and we played stripes/solids for awhile. When we were too buzzed to shoot straight, we left.

We were really close to work, and we decided to go back there to play foosball (yes, we have a table at work). I am terrible at foos because the boys are so damn competitive and I never really practice. But me and my partner A completely trounced T and D...OK, we barely won, but we still took 2 out of 3. By that time I was done. It had been a long week. The three boys went out to Earth and then hit 230 5th, another one of my favorite spots because of the rooftop garden.

I, on the other hand, went home and slept. And slept. And slept. I woke up briefly at 9:30 on Saturday morning to eat breakfast, but otherwise I pretty much wasted Saturday away in bed. That night I had a date, but instead of going out we just played Halo. I had resisted playing the game for years, but with all the Halo 3 hype I'm now finally getting around to playing it. I kind of dig it, too.

Sunday was no better. I watched as much NFL as I could take before running out to get groceries. It was probably one of my lamer weekends. I really could have used a 7-day weekend. Do they have those anymore?

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