Wednesday, October 24, 2007

On finding a Rockies bar in NYC

There is a sports bar for every NFL team in NYC. I only know this because friends from college who are Broncos fans (and even Raiders fans) found bars that cater to them. It's unbelievable. Seems like every NBA team has a home base too. But the MLB? Not so much.

Sure, the older teams have their fanbase in the city with a chosen bar. I have a small gaggle that wants to watch the World Series, and about half of us absolutely refuse to go to any pro-Red Sox bars. The Riviera and Hairy Monk were out. Neutral territory would be easy to find but we started wondering if there was such a thing as a Rockies bar in NYC.

We pondered for awhile over lunch. DU has a large alumni chapter, as does CU. Even my alma mater CSU has a respectable clump. And without a doubt all of us took in games from the Rock Pile or better seats at Coors at one point or another. In fact, one of my friends in college ran the JumboTron for Coors. It's a rush to be on, let me tell you. But the Rockies don't have that national appeal of the Cubs or the Red Sox or my poor sweet Yankees.

A search on the goog didn't reveal much. I asked every Colorado transplant I know. Since I don't really know any Rockies fans my email was met with mostly sarcastic responses. My gaggle didn't have any better luck. In Denver the obvious answers are Jackson's or Sports Column. I think it would be hysterical to find a large group of Rockies fans here in New York though. I am determined to find them in the city!

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