Tuesday, October 2, 2007

October in New York - must be playoff time!

I'm coming right out and saying it - I'm a Yankees fan. Boo and hiss all you want. I feel bad for Willie Randolph right now - initially since he used to be 3rd base coach for the Bronx Bombers, but also because back in May everyone was thinking the Mets were a shoo-in for the playoffs while the Yankees languished 8 games below .500.

Oh, how the Yanks are underestimated every year. My opinion for the last few years has been 'I don't care if we miss the playoffs, because maybe then they'll realize that depleting their farm system and signing a bunch of me-first players isn't such a great plan!'. Luckily, Cashman stood up for himself, stocked his farm system back up and we are now reaping the benefits after only a few subpar seasons. I say good riddance to the Sheffields, Giambinos and Damons that invade the team. I'll take the Melkys, Jobas and Robbies any day.

I have to admit that I am kinda turning the corner on A-Rod a bit. Not nearly all the way though. It is a contract year after all. Hopefully this will be the cornerstone of success for the Yankees. But I hope they don't overpay to keep him in the Bronx. He deserves the MVP this year and I'm glad he doesn't get booed at home any more. He is amazing, but he's still no Derek Jeter.

Monday begins true fall in NYC - the leaves in the parks are turning, it gets dark earlier each night, and there's a chill in the air...or not. What the heck is with this Indian summer?
Will this be another year like last, where we still had 60 degree days in December? I didn't even wear a winter coat to last year's Rockefeller Tree lighting ceremony. At least I won't freeze at any playoff games I manage to get tickets for.

I got an email about the Yankees presale but it totally slipped my mind come purchase time. I was doubly disappointed to find out that they sold both ALDS and ALCS tix at the same time, meaning I'm screwed. I love how Stub Hub has suddenly become a partner with MLB. They've acquiesced to the scalpers. Lame. Sometimes the team even holds tickets back to sell at the above market value. And this is legal how?

If the Yanks make the World Series, I'm camping out at Yankee Stadium. Starting right after they clinch the pennant.

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