Tuesday, October 16, 2007

How 'bout dem Rockies!!!

I'm still pissed that the Yankees are out, but I cannot deny the wonderful story that is the Colorado Rockies. A few posts ago I said I'd never met a Rockies fan, but maybe I'll become a bandwagon-hopper! I am so mad at MLB for starting this game at 10 PM EST, but I stayed up anyway. I'll be dead to the world tomorrow, but it was totally worth it.

These games have been tons of exciting and it's wonderfully satisfying that they took out the hated Diamondbacks in the LCS. (Yes, I'm still bitter about 2001. That was the Yankees' year above all others.) Even better, it's still an Indian summer as the Tribe spanked the BoSox earlier tonight. Indians-Rockies World Series? The ratings would potentially suck but I would love it!

Actually, I hope the ratings don't suck. Because the Rockies deserve it. They had only made the playoffs one other time (1995) when they ran into the Braves train, and now here they are going to a World Series. Yes, they are an expansion team but they have to start building history some time.

I'm so tempted to by a plane ticket, find a way into the Rockpile, and watch a World Series game with my college buds -- 1 mile high. Suddenly I kind of miss Denver.

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