Thursday, July 19, 2007

You snooze you lose

When I didn't hear back from Nancy about the $1467 1 BR in Gramercy the other day, I figured it meant the apartment was gone. But once again I was incorrect - she called me last night to set up a visit time today. Two provisos though, the apartment was actually $1498 (no biggie) and it was in Murray Hill, not Gramercy. Luckily, that meant 2nd Ave between 27th and 28th, and not 34th st at Midtown-Tunnel-you'll-never-sleep Drive, so that was fine as well.

Unfortunately, fate intervened against me. I agreed to a viewing time around 1 PM today not remembering that my boss gave me primo Yankees tickets for today's game. I slept in instead of going into the city at work time and kicked myself in the butt, because I tried but was unable to set up an earlier time. Broker said she was worried about that scary steam pipe explosion yesterday near Grand Central disrupting subway service; I was worried about making it to Yankee Stadium in time to snap awesome shots of batting practice. I got my awesome photos, but I missed out on the apartment - we agreed to meet after the game, but by that time there was already an application in. I snoozed, and I lost.

There were photos posted of the apartment on CL today, and I saw that the kitchen wasn't super and the floors were old. But I am still disappointed to have missed out on a decent apartment in the location I want. And the Yankees lost.

I've been lurking at the Wired New York forums for the past month or so. The moving to NYC topic has some excellent Q&A and a broker who posts a lot has advice that I alternately find helpful/amusing/dissuading. That board is a constant reminder that I am not just competing against New Yorkers for apartments - with the Euro beating the dollar nearly 2 to 1 there are a lot of them to contend with, not to mention the domestic transplants. I'm starting to wonder if NYC's vacancy rate will ever rise above 5% again.

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