Monday, July 23, 2007

Reality check

When the over/under for an apartment's availability is about 24 hours, hope needs to spring eternal. And so does reality. Over the weekend, I decided that I needed to really sit down and think out different situations for my move. I had to seriously decide what the maximum rent I can afford is.

For example, I have a car that I am still paying off. I plan to sell the car but I can't put it up for sale until I find a place. This makes me pretty nervous - what happens if the car doesn't sell in the 30 days before I move? It might take a couple of months to sell. I might need to come back up to Connecticut to show it. Worse, what if it doesn't sell at all? I need to factor that in.

I want to use a professional moving company. I need to get quotes. Do I pack myself, or does a company pack me? Another thing to factor in.

I have a review on Tuesday. Will that affect things? Another thing to factor in.

What about furniture? I want to sell some pieces, but I want to buy things too. Especially if I live in a studio; I want to buy tall bookshelves to use as a divider between the living room and bedroom areas.

I need to eat. That needs to be factored in.

I can live without cable, but how long can I live without Internet? I might get roped into the $99/month phone/cable/internet package, even though I only need Internet. Too bad the phone in that package is a landline. That needs to be factored in.

I came back to $1650 as my limit though it would be cutting it close at my current salary. I'd need an apartment by owner with all utilities included, or a broker willing to only take one month's fee. Otherwise, $1550 was the ceiling and I have no clue where I would get the cash to pay a broker.

And what if I can't find an apartment in my range? That's the scariest scenario. I would have two options: stay in Connecticut or find a new job with better pay. As much as I love Norwalk, I really want to move into the city. And even though I do not make what I am worth, I also really love my job and want to stay there for a long time. Out of the two, I'd take the former. I hope I am not faced with that decision, though.

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