Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Moving to save my insanity

I've spent the last month looking for an appropriate topic, and I think I've honed in on the king of the hill, top of the crop, A number ooooonnnneeee - yes, you guessed it, moving to New York City.

It's not like I live that far - Norwalk, Conn., - but the commute is killing me. I'm not insane enough to drive, but I am insane enough to take Metro North. The train has its good points - the monthly ticket is a great value, I can sleep, and the train runs often enough that I don't live by a schedule. But there are the cons too - terrible overcrowding, random train cancellations and delays, the other weirdos on the train, and the lack of etiquette.

Blessed with a steady, wonderful job in Flatiron, and a deep-set independent streak, I'm ready to move down to good ol' NYC. That's right, I'm leaving the boy, the roommates, the Hunk (my SUV) and possibly my furniture behind!

I'll elaborate over the coming days, weeks and months. But for now, suffice it to say that I am excited. And a little bit scared.

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