Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Now what do I do with my time?

Today is the day I found at that I am addicted to the Internets. Or, more specifically, Craigslist. I've been cruising the site during my lunch break, and keeping it on in the background throughout the day. I made a conscious effort not to look today because I was seeing the Tudor City place (more on that in an upcoming post) but my curiosity got the best of me around 1 PM.

You can imagine my surprise when CL wouldn't load. What the heck? It's an all-text site...what could be wrong? Then I had a horrible thought - what if my work blocked the site? My apartment search would be screwed, hell, I'd be screwed. I had to take another route. I pulled out my BlackJack and surfed to CL. I was relieved when the site wouldn't load on my phone either, only because it meant the site was down.

I spent the better part of the next hour incredulous that Craigslist would ever be down. Had someone hacked it? And more importantly, where would I turn to look for apartments? I ended up hitting Backpage via the Village Voice website, but it wasn't the same. As of now, CL is back up but the apartment search is still down. I can only wonder if someone else finally decided to show the brokers what's what.

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