Sunday, March 23, 2008

Spring, is that you?

Hello, green!

When I chose green as my accent wall color I admit to having an ulterior motive. I was hoping it would make spring come a bit quicker. And I think it worked because this week I've seen buds and beginning blooms everywhere.

Fall is so pretty in New England and I was spoiled growing up in seas of red, copper, yellow and brown. And I do love winter snow. But nothing compares to the excitement of dead-looking winter giving way to the new birth of spring. NYC has been strangely silent the last month or so and only now are people starting to wake up.

The whole Spring Forward thing wreaked havoc on my circadian rhythm but the extra hour of late afternoon sunlight seems to be making a difference. All of a sudden I'm more inclined to go out to dinner or drinks after work -- or I would be if my work schedule wasn't murder right now. The days are still chilly but we've had a warm spell or two that have sent shoots above the soil in my backyard. On Central Park walks with doggy visitor I've noticed a few trees with spring blooms.

Another sure-fire sign of spring? The Macy's Flower Show. It's gorgeous and rivals their Christmas decorations. It's not just flowers in pots. It's amazing decorative installations that boggle the mind.

Macy's doesn't mess around for its flower show.

This year they're featuring a recreation of their store -- it smacks of MC Escher in a very pretty way. They're also offering tour every half hour at the 35th & Broadway entrance through all the exhibits. Not that I know a lot about gardens...English garden, Spanish garden, whatever. I just like looking at the pretty flowers!

Also not to be missed are the Garden Conservancy's Open Days. On weekends throughout the year rich bastards who can afford to have gardeners on staff or really dedicated people who have the time open their beautiful private gardens up to the bourgeois. When I was younger my parents took me to a garden in upstate New York that had recreated the gardens outside Versailles. I'd been to France the summer before and one of my vivid memories to this day remains the gardens of Louis plural.

To see a garden without a tour means a visit to the NYC Botanical Garden in the Bronx. The weather this year was nuts -- they had a cherry tree blooming in January. They have an orchid show right now featuring some incredible flowers. I have never seen such vibrant patterns on leaves.

Then again, sometimes the best show is right in my backyard. Admission: free.

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