Saturday, March 29, 2008

Hey! I know you

Apartment Therapy is running their annual Small Cool Contest, and I'm determined to enter even though my apartment isn't really ready yet. The contest highlights small apartments, though their definition of small is pretty relative. You can enter apartments up to 850 sq. feet...which is nearly 3 times bigger than my apartment. Perhaps a rename is in order? The Small is Relative Cool Contest?

Anyway, to get ready I've sped up my decor purchasing process, which meant a Target run was in order. I asked BFF M to go but she was tied up spring cleaning. Luckily T called and wanted to faux romantic dinner again. I conditionally agreed -- the terms being he accompanied me to Brooklyn.

We were supposed to meet up at the Bowling Green station but for some reason my train skipped it. T said it was a mess because the 2/3 train was under construction so trains weren't running in one direction. Meanwhile that gave some homeless guy on the train time to harass me, which in this case meant hitting on me. With my headphones on I was able to ignore him but it made me a bit nervous. Nobody in the car did anything -- they just watched as this guy first slid closer to me from across the bench and then moved onto my side. Luckily I was surrounded by other people so he couldn't get too close. My hand moved over the pepper spray in my pocket just in case.

I was worried that the guy would follow me off the train. He moved to get off before my station (thank goodness) but started towards me on his way out. As soon as his hand touched my knee I growled "Do NOT touch me," and luckily after a moment he backed off and got off the train. I still felt a bit grossed out.

That wasn't even the weirdest part though -- this lady in the car starts yelling at me that I shouldn't have growled at the guy because he was too high to know what he was doing. You're kidding, right? Then the guy next to me starts defending me, saying that if I was his sister he would have killed that guy. Oh boy. All I need is to spark a car brawl. The lady got off at the next station and everyone simmered down.

I couldn't get off the train fast enough. T was heads up to the train situation and was waiting for me at Atlantic Ave when I arrived. Hey, I know you! He said. His smile turned to a frown when he saw my face. I relayed the situation to him and he laughed. Only you, he said. Only you. I felt a wee bit better.

We both stocked up on necessities at Target and I bought some decorative candles and potpourri. After we grabbed some coffee and stood outside admiring the former Williamsburg Savings Bank's ridiculously tall compared to every other building around it and is the tallest building in Brooklyn.

The Williamsburg Savings Bank tower
is being converted into condos.
Photo from via Gothamist

Eventually we made it back to the subway station. We went to the 4 platform only to be told that the 4 train was stopping at the 3 train platform...and I had no clue where that was. The MTA rep was nice enough to walk us over there; thank you! We had just missed a 4 so the waiting game lasted a bit longer.

Finally we were on our way back to Manhattan. The train car was crowded once we got back to Brooklyn Bridge and T and I got separated by a few people. Suddenly I heard this voice behind me -- you're really pretty, the voice said. I thought it was T until I wheeled around and was face to face with a former coworker! His face twisted for a moment -- he realized he knew me at the same instant I realized I knew him. Wow, really sorry Roxy, he said. Didn't know it was you. Then -- how are you? Long time no see, etc. I stole a glance with T, who was watching with bemusement. I caught up with former coworker G for a few stops. And then he asked me out! And to think, I thought I looked kinda grungy today. Surprised, I politely declined.

I said goodbye to G and hello again to T at 77th St. You are quite popular today he told me. I had to giggle. Do I look different? I asked him. This doesn't usually happen. He gave me a once-over and concluded that no I looked great as usual (his words). With a thank you, I observed I had to milk this -- apparently it was my best looking day ever! Two date offers I said, and only one from a crazy person!

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