Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Me and Zipcar might have to throw down

You hurt me, Zipcar.
You hurt me real bad.

Sigh. The love affair had to end sometime I guess. Despite all the raves I've been pouring on Zipcar since I started using it they just dissed me through email. I received this note from them:

Hi Roxy,

After your reservation in [redacted] on [redacted] it was reported to us that the interior of the vehicle was left in poor condition, with litter and/or personal belongings left behind.

The Zipcar "6 Simple Rules" notes that all members are required to leave the car free of trash or personal belongings for the next member. Violations of this policy can result in penalties or cleaning charges.

If this report was the result of an existing condition in the vehicle, please remember, it is the responsibility of all Zipcar members to report any damage or cleanliness issues prior to the start of the reservation so that we may hold the appropriate person responsible, and ensure that all members have a pleasant experience.

Please visit the member help center for more information on this, and other Zipcar rules and information:

Best regards,
Zipcar Member Services

Not to overstate this, because at the end of the day it's not the biggest deal in the world but WTF??? Anyone who knows me knows I kept my cars anally clean when I owned them. Friends who tried to leave empty soda cans or food wrappers in my car got a healthy dose of evil eye. I never used my car as storage like some people do and I'd get really upset if anything happened to spill in my car. And now I get to drive much cooler cars through the Zipster. So what the hell?

I'm almost offended that best friend service Zipcar has backstabbed me so. And the lamest part is directing me to their help pages -- like oh OK I don't know how to keep a car clean. Please. Or encouraging me to tattle on other people. I suppose there is some minute chance that I left a receipt in the car or something....but not really.

Certainly, if the car is damaged or in bad shape when I take it I'm going to report it. I once had a Scion that had spills everywhere to the point of discoloration so I called Zipcar (they already knew). But good lord people. If I get into a car and it has a candy wrapper or something in it, I'm not calling Zipcar. I'm throwing the damn thing out.

My feelings are hurt, Zipcar. You make me emo.

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