Tuesday, December 4, 2007

First snow

Whoo-hoo for the white stuff!

I am a winter baby, and I love the fluffy white stuff. Snow that is. On Sunday we finally had (temporary) accumulation here in the city. While everyone else whines and moans about winter I love it until about March. I love snowboarding. I love building forts and tobaggon trails and having snowball fights. I even love shoveling.

The whole 1 inch we got made walking treacherous. It was a slushy mix by mid-afternoon and even in my winter boots I was slip-sliding along the sidewalks. A couple of times I almost took a spill. When I crossed in front of doorman buildings and businesses, the sidewalk was salted and noticeably easier to walk on. I suppose this is how it goes. It doesn't give me much confidence in my winter walking ability -- I put the over/under for number of times I fall at 10.

Of course, since it was snowing and freezing I had to run about 15 errands...I went to the Rainbow/Ace Hardware on 1st Ave. at least twice. That place rocks, by the way. They really have everything there -- household goods, tableware, candles, drugstore stuff, some food. I fell in love with these storage towers, but they were a bit too expensive. I also had to run to see Julio; he was holding some of my winter clothes. I sprang for a taxi ride there and back, and slapped myself silly when I got home and realized I'd forgotten my portable heater. Guess Julio gets another visit soon.

If I squint, I can almost see

The snow has me dreaming of the mountains. I plan on hitting the Rockies during a trip to Colorado this winter (hello, Copper and A-Basin!), but in the meantime I'd like to go to Stowe, Vermont. They've had a pretty good snow season up there...I can almost feel my lips freezing now.

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