Sunday, September 9, 2007

You're the Star

Ever have a flash of divine inspiration? One struck me the other night.

In high school I was in a band and the dream followed me to college. After my original band broke up I tried unsuccessfully to gather people up in college. After college, work intervened. But lately I've been thinking about the dream a lot. It started when I read The Alchemist on advice from a friend. Shortly after, my four former band mates separately called me in the space of two weeks 'to check in.' Conversations with all of them included wanting to start a new band. (FYI, we broke up because of geographical difficulties. As in the drummer lives in Dublin; the guitarist moved to Boston; the rhythm guitarist moved to Cali; and my keyboardist is a fashion designer currently operating out of Milan. And I moved to NYC.)

I brushed it off at the time. But then it was like the stars aligned. First, I went to see some awful cover band at bar in Norwalk that covered my inspiration song. Again, not a huge deal because the song was pretty popular about 5 years ago. But then I start hearing the song all over the place - the grocery. Blasting from someone's iPod on the 6. From the homeless guy's shopping cart on Park Ave. So. It started to get to me. Soon, same deal with my favorite band. The little voice inside my head started whispering 'rock band' again. Could my move to NYC spark something here? I had to know.

I did what any gal would do - I went to a psychic. OK, actually I got my Tarot cards read by a vendor at one of the street fairs on the Avenue of the Americas. Same difference. With my boy scoffing the entire time, I sat and entered the spiritual world for a bit. For $20, she told me that I was on the cusp of something big, and though I would face roadblocks I should press on. She also told me I had a talent that would draw people to me. Great! The card in my near future position was The Star, a beautiful card that pumped me up.

So the dream awakens again. I have to say, I tried forming a band when I first moved back to CT in 2004 and did not do very well. But maybe now that I live in the city things will be different. My boy wonders why I even want to be a music star today, and in some respects I agree. But you can't change the music world sitting on the sidelines, or some inspirational crap like that. All it takes is the spark.

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