Friday, September 21, 2007

The shopping bug sets in

I was so good in the months before I moved, and right after I moved. But the shopping bug came to bite this week and I could not resist. Sick of low-browing it, I hit Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus and Saks in quick succession. Even though I didn't really have the money to justify it, let's just say my credit cards didn't escape unscathed.

Of course as with any binge you feel guilty not too long afterwards. So this morning when I woke up in the field of shopping carnage I knew some items would have to go back. Ah, the good old catch and return. I first set aside the two items I could not bear to part with - a black Diane Von Furstenberg dress and an Elie Tahari top. Everything else was fair game. My boy held his pillow over his face as I retried everything on, trying to muffle his laughter. Guys just don't get it. There is something so empowering about looking hot.

After trying on the rest of my loot I decided everything else had to go back. I hate the walk of shame to department stores. The disapproving stare of the sales clerk as they ask why you're returning it. The impatient sneers of the purchasing customers behind you. The lonely walk out with only an empty bag as a memory of what you temporarily called your own. Yep, I hate returning clothes. But it did slow the smoke emanating from my pockets.

Good thing too, because my first round of NYC bills came. The damage from Con-Ed wasn't too bad - $60 is pretty fair considering my air conditioner and fan ran most of the month. I expect a Time Warner bill any day. My friends are no help. I got an email today from P directing me to Haha, P, ha ha.

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