Friday, September 7, 2007

My first official dinner guest

It's Friday and I still have no gas. Again. Again! I'm almost resigned to my fate at this point. My microwave will sit on top of my stove forever. I will have no gas, so there will be no point in moving it. Seriously - screw Con-Ed. Screw the plumber. I can't possibly think of any feasible reason why this has taken my non-Super 3 weeks to straighten out. The bill is in my name. Con-Ed has inspected the line. What is the hold-up here? Is there someone I can contact about this? A Senator or something? Ridiculous. I should invest my rent in some kind of interest-baring account.

Anyway, my pissy-ness about the situation was not going to stop me from having my first dinner guest - my BFF. My place is about 75% set up now. All of my boxes are 'unpacked' but not everything has a home yet. I've vacillated endlessly about what furniture combinations I should buy. Yes - incognito desk from Crate & Barrel, No - more lack shelves from Ikea. Yes - more lack shelves and a cabinet for over my dresser, No - incognito desk. I'm trying to find a way to take advantage of the vertical space in my apartment but it's proved to be difficult. My Ikea catalog is getting a lot of mileage right now as I debate internally.

With enough space cleared to make the apartment look semi-neat and my chairs in place out in the backyard, I invited M over for some pre-made Whole Foods dinner. She oohed and aahed appropriately as we discussed and debated my plans. She expressed frustration at my gas situation. Then we headed out to the backyard and chatted until it was too dark to stay outside (though my neighbors all have lights, I do not. The weirdness continues.).

In the end, we decided to forego in-house dinner and we hit Haru's, which is at the end of my block. I'm so not a sushi fan but it was pretty good. We started with some calamari that rocked. M got a salmon-cucumber-something roll that had just a little bit of ocean taste and was yummy. My tuna rolls were good but I could only down three before the rawness started to get to me.

We made plans to hit Manhattan Mini-Storage the next day. We're going in together on a unit. I quoted online and it looks like it'll cost about $50 a month which is totally doable. Plus, there is a location a block away from her apartment. She lives on the UWS on Columbus Ave. just below Morninside Heights, so kind of a haul for me but cheaper than storage in my area. I'm having trouble reconciling that I'll be paying to store my off-season crap somewhere, but this is how it goes in New York City. This is how it goes.

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