Sunday, October 12, 2008

At least I'm not the only one...

I went to one more apartment today in Nolita. Advertised as a $2595/1 BR, it was actually a studio with a non-permanent wall made of closets. Dumb move because the wall blocked all the sun, but I digress.

It was a weird but cool situation because the renter had not yet moved out. That was weird. But it was also very cool because I got an honest opinion about the building and the neighborhood. He was very positive about the neighborhood...his only complaint was the traffic on Kenmare (right outside the bedroom window) was sometimes kind of loud.

The building was another story. The entire time I was in the apartment, a small dog next door was yip yip yipping. Like, non-stop. It was obvious that the owner wasn't home. I could see the renter getting more and more agitated so I related the situation with my upstairs neighbor to him. I asked how often the dog was home alone, and he said pretty much all the time. "Yeah, if you want my honest opinion, don't take this place, "he said. "The building is pet-friendly but no one here is actually friendly to their pets."

What an honest way to put it. It must sound like I am anti-dog but it's quite the opposite. It's the irresponsible owners I can't stand. To have a happy, healthy dog in the city you need to make sure it gets outside enough and has lots of social time with other dogs. Otherwise you end up with a barky, biting, bored dog. It's really unfair to the dog. This is why even though I love animals I don't have a pet right now. I'm just not home enough to take care of it. And I'm not going to let my pet become someone else's (or everyone else in my building's) problem. That's just not right.

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