Friday, September 12, 2008

Seven years later, there is still a hole in my heart

The Tribute in Lights
over NYC last nite.

Seven years after the fact, there is still a big pit in the financial district. The Freedom Tower was supposed to be completed last year. The memorial and the new PATH station this year and 2009, respectively. I feel pain from the construction delays and bureaucracy -- I can't even imagine how the families of the victims feel. Yet on September 11th, 2008 New York City was reassuringly calm and quiet. People went about their business more somber than usual. This was the first year where I didn't cry on the day and I even cracked a smile once or twice.

I know they are building a memorial down at Ground Zero but I hope they also keep the Twin Towers of Light. These huge, multidimensional dual pillars of light are such a fitting tribute. As I left work last night they appeared huge to me at 21st St. It was so amazing -- for a moment you just have to stare at the awesomeness of it. In that way they are close to the buildings they represent while the light...I can't really even explain it...but it seems to continue all the way up to heaven. Also very fitting.

I grabbed some drinks with friends and then made my way to the Empire State Building for better views. It was predictably crowded and I didn't make it to the Observatory until much later than I'd planned. My photos didn't come out as well as I'd have liked, but the view was just as spectacular from on high.

As I waited for the elevator, I texted a few friends -- "At Empire State Building, WOW lights are amazing." Texts came back: "At Brooklyn Bridge, I agree," "At the lights in Battery Park, so intense up close," "Great view from my apartment, made me cry" and so on. Within my circle we didn't talk much about 2001, but it was clearly on everyone's minds.

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