Monday, September 15, 2008

Reflexive Response: Jewelry Storage

So it.

What is the picture above? Some new residential tower plan for Tokyo, perhaps? An art installation of some kind? Nope. It's my new jewelry storage.

I struggle with closet space and book storage in every apartment but lately I've been in an accessory dilemma. I own a decent amount of jewelry but seem to wear the same 8 or 10 pieces all the time. It's because I am too impatient to sort through my jewelry boxes and containers. Once I moved to the city I combined everything except my nicest pieces into a bead sorting container to conserve space. But it hasn't been an effective storage solution because each bin has four or five items so necklaces get tangled, studs get buried and my necklaces strung on string are just a mess.

Kudos to Apartment Therapy for their brilliant suggestion: use pill containers. Their stackability means you can store them in a small space and they're see-through so I can see what's inside. As the post suggested I bought mine at Container Store. The store had three sizes of round stackable containers; I bought the medium and large sizes.

The solution has been great on several levels. No more loose jewelry sitting around my apartment -- I feel motivated to put it away each night knowing each piece has a home. I was able to store like colors and tones together for easy locating and in some cases I even stacked them by size (anal, I know). Being able to see what I have easily has also kept me from buying the same piece twice, something I was totally guilty of in the past. And the stacks look kind of cool in my cabinet with the frosted doors closed -- like the model of a futuristic skyscraper development (or a lot of checkers pieces as friend S suggested).

Note: Reflexive Response is a series highlighting a cool post I saw on another blog/website.

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