Sunday, January 17, 2010

For the first time in my NYC life, I'm NOT moving

Oh my god, I'm putting down roots. I was beginning to doubt the possibility of ever living in the same apartment for more than a year but it's happening. And it's such a relief. Despite all of the turmoil of 2009 I am going to be able to stay in my apartment. I'm so relieved not to have to apartment hunt again or pack everything up again or start over in a new neighborhood again. Financial District, you are my home! Finally I feel like my apartment is mine.

I'm still going to be skating on thin ice for awhile but I think I see the light at the end of the tunnel. It started two weeks ago when I went to dinner with two of my close galpals. We were celebrating our successes (one friend is doing so incredibly well at work, the other is in school learning about stuff that sounds so cool) and venting about strife. Mine was of course feeling financially squeezed and wondering what my next step was for my apartment. My lease is up in March. I was afraid management would raise the rent. I was dreading it.

My friends must be good luck because the very next day I got a letter from the building. They offered me (and I'm sure, every other tenant whose lease is almost up) the opportunity to stay in my current apartment for another year or two at the same rent, plus incentives of x months free depending on the resigned lease length. It was an unexpected joy. I'd heard of friends getting similar deals in their buildings but didn't expect it for myself. It was like a mini-miracle.

I'd been working on getting myself back into the moving mindset to save money so for a week I tried to fool myself into thinking I would be happy moving. But by the weekend it was clear I'd be miserable. So I talked it over with some close friends and my family and together they helped me decide that staying is the best decision for me. I am still going to continue looking for freelance work to make ends meet and I think will apply at a few retail places again.

I can't express how great it feels knowing that I get to stay put for at least another year (and probably two). I look forward to being on solid ground not only for my own benefit but so that I can start helping others again, one of my humble pleasures. For now I can only volunteer but I have a feeling someday soon I can start contributing in ways above time. Maybe someday I'll even own a place! With a husband! Dream big roxy, dream big.


burntphotograph said...

i think it's great you have any money at all living in nyc! every time i fantasize about living in new york a couple of minutes into the fantasy i think "but how would i even begin to make enough money?!" to make the kind of money i would want to spend there i'd have to be working all the time. *lol* so where would the fun in that be? yet, i still (secretly) think it would be amazing. maybe in a few years!

yay for staying in the same apartment for more than a year! i, too, have moved ever november since 2006. it never gets more fun.

Ondine said...

I'm so pleased for you - what great news. Funnily enough my lease it up in a couple of months so I'm going through the 'crossing fingers tightly' period, hoping it won't go up (too much). I'm in London's not New York unfortunately..but it ain't half bad!

Anonymous said...

I have just begun the apt search process and it looks like you know a lot about it. I would really appreciate being able to ask you a few questions- it seems like most management companies receive horrible reviews, so the process is quite confusing! Do you have an email address I could send a few questions to? Thanks!

Roxy said...

Sure Anon, you can email me at littlegregory at gmail dawt com. Just make the subject line "NY apt hunt" so I know you're not spam. ;)

tres tippy said...

congrats! i grew up in NJ but right outside the city and after living in NYC for 3 great years, I had to move on for grad school. anytime i've ever had to apartment hunt since then, i always think about how much i miss my rent stabilized 1br in the east village, sigh.

btw, i'm so glad you have a personal blog in addition to the anthro blog :)