Monday, February 11, 2008

Adventures on 57th St

Sunday takes my blues away. Is there anything better than waking up in the morning knowing you have a whole day of weekend left? Sundays for me usually mean either NFL, MLB or NASCAR but now is the space between where Sunday stands for shopping.

It was down to the Time Warner Center for me. It was a gorgeous day so I took the N to 57th and 7th and then walked down along Central Park South. I took some photos of the horse carriages with my cell phone that unfortunately evidence the 2 megapixel limit of the camera. My Canon's batteries died and I haven't replaced them yet.

Inside the shopping center, I browsed through Benetton, Esprit and JCrew before meeting up with BFF M for lunch. We walked by Carnegie Hall and east on 57th to the Brooklyn Diner, a well-known NYC eatery that features endless name plaques on the wall with the names of the celebrities that have eaten at each table. The tables next to us had been graced by the likes of Bruce Paltrow and soiled by Britney Spears...I was too distracted by the mural of Ebbets Field to pay much attention though. NYMag named the Brooklyn Diner's burger the best in 2007 and I have to agree. It was beyond yummy and so big I had to take more than half home.

After munching M and I stopped by Universal News. It's the place to go for international magazines in the city. She was looking for an Italian magazine; I flipped through French Vogue while waiting. We admired the smaller magazines from Europe that would fit into our purses more easily than the large American tabloids. We oohed and aahed at the stars featured on foreign covers for a bit before moving on.

Our next stop on west 57th was Lee's Art Shop. M was looking for a photo album and some decorative paper and I had been dying to buy some pastels. It's quite a place! We had to check our bags but we hardly gave it a second thought. The first floor had marvels ranging from crystal-encrusted photo frames to the cutest scrap booking stickers I have ever seen. There were gift bags that would put Papyrus to shame -- I snapped a quick photo with my cell phone.

The gift bags were intricately detailed.

We browsed around the art supplies for awhile and I happily picked up my pastels and a sketch pad. There were at least 3 more floors but we didn't have time to explore them.

Back outside, it was time for me to head over to the east side to meet up with friend J. The weather had turned slightly cold and I pondered whether a taxi would take me from Lee's to 61st and 1st. M said they would, but I decided to walk it.

Fifty-seventh is a hard street to just walk down. On my way east I passed Bergdorf, Burberry's, Chanel, Nike Town, Prada, Tiffany's...sigh. I dream of disposable income. Twenty minutes later I'd made it to the movie theater with my wallet intact but my hands were frozen stiff. My ears weren't doing so great either. We saw "Juno" (very cute) and then walked around Bed Bath and Beyond.

Back outside, it was suddenly snowing. It had gone from almost 60 degrees out to the low 30s with flurries. I almost thought I was back in Colorado. But I didn't quite make it home, because Z called and asked me to meet him at the Levi's store...on 57th St.

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